Use Cases
Here you can see some of use cases for rsstories. We have just select simple use cases, it is all about your imagination.
  • Local Shops
    Local shops like coffee shops, bakeries, and grocery shops can easily use rsstories on their websites to announce any campaigns, opening hours, or fresh products. It will help to grow their customers’ experience. Happy customers, happy shop owners.
  • E-commerce Websites
    E-commerce websites can use rsstories for increasing their website engagement and taking visitors’ attention to their best sellers, new arrival, etc products. If the visitor spends more time on the website, it helps better ranking on search engines and a better conversion rate on sales.
  • Business
    Companies can use rsstories for their news, jobs, and any other information about their business. If the visitors can get enough information on the website, you don’t have to spend time on small challenges something like phone calls, e-mails, etc.
  • Any Type of Websites
    Any other website can use rsstories to take their visitors’ attention and get more engagement on the website. There is no limitation to using rsstories, just imagine and put stories anywhere on your website.
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