About us
We are a small company with big goals. Come and work with us!
Our mission is to make your website unique.
Rsstories helps website owners to boost their visitors’ engagement on the website. Take visitors’ attention, and show them what they need to see. Get better results on search engines, and conversation rates.
100+ websites are getting higher engagement
Meet the team
Create custom landing pages with Omega that converts more visitors than any website.
  • Özge Demir Yilmaz Founder and CEO
  • Tayfun Erbilen Frontend Developer
  • Oguzhan Tufekci Backend Developer
Customer Reviews
What our customers says about rsstories?
Emma Hemington Analyzify / Co-Founder
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Zach Wyman RHM Interactive OÜ / Co-Founder
Great communication skills. Knowledgeable and great with being able to communicate in a way i could understand. Dedicated to quality!
Valentin Krylov Amsterdam Coffee / CEO
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Juliana Pena Akbank / General Manager
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